Transbiz offers a wide variety of truck driving training to meet the needs of students and employers. Transbiz’s basic program is designed to exceed the entry level truck driver certification standards set by professional driving license. These standards are considered the highest national standards for truck driving schools in the country! The programs are continually improved and updated by the schools’ program advisory committee, comprised of a broad base of the trucking industry.

Please contact the School to discuss your qualifications and how this opportunity can serve you. A School staff member will interview applicants for admission through a personal interview or, for those who cannot visit the School in person, a telephone interview. Applicants are encouraged to visit the School. Staff members explain the Transbiz training programs and graduation requirements, provide information about the professional trucking industry, job placement assistance and statistics, the costs of training and financing available, and provide a catalog and other information about the School. Staff members make every effort to provide a realistic understanding of the nature of the trucking industry so the applicants can make intelligent training and career choice in the light of their aptitudes and interests.