About Us

Welcome: We are proud to be a part of your new career. Trucking is the dominant and prominent mode of freight transportation in Canada, driving the economy and supplying the necessities of life to consumers and industry alike. Round the clock, coast to coast, trucks are on the roads carrying everything the nation needs. Almost 4 million trucks cross the US-Ontario border each year. Today’s trucks are the forefront and masterpiece of technology. There is a huge demand and vehement need for new recruits due to the expanding commerce and economy. The Canadian Trucking Associates estimates that there is an immediate need for an additional thousands qualified drivers to meet with needs of Canada’s growing
economy and increased trade with its North American trading partners.

This exciting and having potential occupation provides with a great opportunity among the largest number of job opening each year, but, to take advantage of it, you need the right credentials and skill. If you wish to have a rewarding career in transportation, you must obtain training from a credible and reliable source. Transbiz can put you on the road to success, achievement and prosperity.